SHAPLA’s Mission

Offering quality products at affordable price.


SHAPLA’s Goal:

SHAPLA’s goal is to run its business in 100% HALAL (Honesty, Accountability, Loyalty, Affordability, and Leadership) way.

 HHonesty is the core value of Shapla’s business.
AAccountability. Shapla takes full responsibility if products sold don’t live up to your expectation. Quality is our first priority.

LLoyalty. This translates to great customer service. Customer is always right and Shapla believes in that philosophy.

AAffordability. Shapla will give you the best value of your buck.

LLeadership. Serving the community is Shapla’s primary obligation.


    SHAPLA’s Philosophy:
SHAPLA’s business philosophy is based on the following lessons from our religion. Quality products with superior customer service

  • Never syndicate to fictitiously increase prices
  • Provide customers accurately weighed products at a fair price
  • All deli products are hand slaughtered and 100% halal